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Admission Requirements and visa process

Among the student consultancy firms in Bangladesh, netWorld is one of the dynamic education consultancy firm . As a Bangladeshi student consultant firm we always try to serve our best to the students who are interested to higher study abroad in Europe ( UK, Sweden , Ireland ), Japan, Australia, Cyprus, New Zealand, Singapore and MBBS in China .

Verifying the documents and Admission :

There are some requirements for universities, colleges and institutes must be fulfilled by the students when they apply for gaining admission into. The service we provide for the student in qualifying into the specified Courses against their qualification and financial ability

  • Choose right course for right student.
  • Explaining tuition fees, calculating living expenses according to the present immigration law, organizing accommodation (for some specific countries ),and university refund policy etc.
  • Find out educational gap and prepare application in such way so that student can easily get visa.
  • Bring letter of offer and Confirmation of enrolment (COE) for students.
  • Finally give 100% assistance in getting visa from embassy.

Visa Process :

There are some requirements for the high commission or embassy must be fulfilled by the applicants while submitting application for visa, which are the department of immigration policy and procedures and ministerial directions etc. We have immigration expert who regularly exercise the recent and up to date migration acts and regulations, immigration policy and ministerial directions etc and advise the students that way.

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